A word from President of the Board

Dear Our Business Partners .

Today I am proud of Vital Group International LTD as one top organization that fulfill its commitments to become one top companies in European Union , Allow me to Illustrate our Missions and success .

We are Vital Group International LTD a company with back ground History since 1992 in Production As one Leader producer in Coffee and Tea .

Vital Group International LTD as well become one great pioneer in Contracting Engineering and development of many projects in the European Union and as well with Our partners Vital Group international LL C in USA headed by Mr Brad Christensen Chief Engineer and president of the jointly cooperate companies in Europe and USA as well in Middle East .

Vital Group international Ltd also Leader in ((Doors Wooden or Steal Doors )) exporter to most Arab countries as we are partners in manufacturer development We have managed to export all kind and sizes of doors Steal Doors , Wooden Doors also , under Customer specifications as Palaces, Homes,Villas or any under customer special dimension

Our export to EU Countries / USA/ And most of Middle eastern Countries makes us leaders in doors Business .

Vital Group International Ltd shares all Food items Production such as Milk Powder, Potato granulate, Starch, Dry Beans produced in Poland , and last Frozen Food s such as French Fries , Beans Green and White ,Adding also all vegetables fresh in seasons this great experience makes Vital Group International Ltd leaders with most countries supply of food items .

Vital Group International Ltd served many communities in Consultant and Business Development such as in Iraq / Jordan / Lebanon / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / UAE/ Qatar / Kuwait / India and USA also Most Eu Countries .

Vital Group International Ltd As pioneer also in Manufacturing have engaged in Bus Industries with new development all From A-Z , Bus Rapid Transit system with our counter partners In USA Vital Group Consultant LL C with Providing a fully B.O.T Projects or Direct Fund arsing Projects or Funded by World Bank / or European Union Bank as Vital Group International Ltd is one of accredited Companies in Banks and projects s job and development .

As to say Last but not Least We do hope always the bright future and best of achievements to all our Staff , Members , Partners, Counter partners, Enter pruner and Clients of Business Partners

Thank you .





Vital Group International Ltd or (SP. Zoo ) with registered Head office in Lublin, (address: Lotnicza 3/24, 20-322 Lublin), entered into the Register of
Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register [KRS] kept by District Court LUBLIN-Poland, WSCH in Świdnik, VI Commercial Department of the
National Court Register, under KRS number 0000683356,
NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 9462671118, REGON [statistical number]: 367567024,
Telephone 0048-81-4427249 Ext 1 President Office Ext 2 Vice president Office Fax 0048-81-4415147